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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More of Aiden

I am loving these pictures of Aiden I took today, here are just three of them, I have more, with grins that I still need to proof, but wanted to share atleast these three that I already did. He is such an angel, we are enjoying him so much! Also, which do you think looks best, black and white or color? Also, for my family, I'm posting the rest of the kids Halloween pictures, weren't they a cute bunch? The only one I didn't get a picture of was Saige, she was too hard to catch that day. All the photos were done with my actions, mainly soft indoor color and my black and white, and I'm going to add the photo borders into my actions that are around these pictures, so if you didn't get them originally, email me and I'll forward them to you along with another surprise!


Anonymous Pam C said...

Mindy your photographs are splendid!!! I am so wanting to be as talented as you!! Keep em coming ;)

8:27 PM  

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