Mindy's Photoshop Actions: Looking through past gems.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Looking through past gems.

I found this from Halloween and thought I would post it. This picture had gone unfixed until today and it makes me smile so I thought I would post it. We had an ER visit, I hate it when the kids get hurt. My oldest daughter got pushed by my 5 year old and hit her head on the bed, spliting it open. Poor thing, but the sweetest part was how my oldest son was worried sick for her. Right after she left for the ER I heard him crying and I came into his room to find him on his knees praying for her. After his prayer, I comforted him and told him she would be just fine, but he couldn't stop crying he was so worried about her. She didn't even need stitches, which totally shocked me with the amount of blood and seeing the wide ipen gap. So, she's home and we just need to wash her hair 2 times a day to keep the area clean. So an eventful night and I'm exhausted. More later.


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