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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I finished up my scrapbook room when I was one of the final five Making Memories Idol contestants a few months ago. They wanted photos of our scrapbook rooms and mine was not pretty! My husband calls it the "Cave", because I leave it in such a mess. I usually start working on something, always on the floor (habit), and then I will get called away and just leave it there until I can come back and finish. I have a lock on my door though, so the kids can't come in and step on anything. Seeing these photos gives me motivation to keep it clean and organized all the time.

It's also CHA time! I'm wearing the best lotion ever, perfect for a scrapbooker because it's greaseless and the best part is that it smells divine! I'm so impressed by this company, they think of everything! Here's the link to see all there gorgeous papers and products Tinkering Ink


Anonymous Wendy Reed said...

Well you transformed the cave nicely! LOL I used the lotion at the TI booth, LOVE IT! Smells so yummy!

12:16 PM  

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