Mindy's Photoshop Actions: May 2009

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Growing up...

Just had to post this photo, it's been too long! I just got a book printed at My Publisher, I really love the way it turned out! I'll have to post some pictures of it, I love how quick and easy they are to make. It's been a hard couple of days, my sister was diagnosed with cancer after delivering her fourth child. They found some lumps while delivering my new niece and on further study found that they were cancerous. I love her so much, and wish we lived in the same state so I could help her out more. I'm hoping and praying she is going to be O.K. Sometimes, life is so hard. We are hoping for the best though and I'll have to call some local pizza places and send them some pizza for dinner on the nights she's not feeling up to cooking. She has 4 kids that need there mama. So, between that and my husbands cousins, son's suicide, it's been a week full of tears for us. Hoping next week will be a little brighter of a week for us, we could use some good news, especially for my sweet sister.