Mindy's Photoshop Actions: November 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

New Light BW Action

I just decided to add a new action to my set, a light BW. It looks great overtop of the soft color. Don't you love this picture of her? I'm sure every mom out there has atleast one of these per child!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Bench and Thanks Emilie!

I think I'm in love with this bench, I took one of each of my kids at the greenbelt on this bench. Love his sweet face in this photo, it's such a genuine smile, I love it! I ran all three stops on Vibrant color and used the warming filter over top. BW is without the last stop. I ran the BW over top of the Vibrant color. More bench photos of the other kids later. Also, a huge thank you to my friend Emilie for fixing up my blog, she is a whiz with blogger! Thanks Emilie!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Baby Fix.

Holly, here is your baby fix. Isn't he adorable?? Just took this one today and it's the first one I've proofed. I adore this little guy! Busy cleaning getting ready to host Thanksgiving dinner here at my house, wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

One more....

Had to post these too! Did them with soft color and added the 2nd stop on Vibrant color over top, love how much time it's saving me on proofing!

More of Aiden

I am loving these pictures of Aiden I took today, here are just three of them, I have more, with grins that I still need to proof, but wanted to share atleast these three that I already did. He is such an angel, we are enjoying him so much! Also, which do you think looks best, black and white or color? Also, for my family, I'm posting the rest of the kids Halloween pictures, weren't they a cute bunch? The only one I didn't get a picture of was Saige, she was too hard to catch that day. All the photos were done with my actions, mainly soft indoor color and my black and white, and I'm going to add the photo borders into my actions that are around these pictures, so if you didn't get them originally, email me and I'll forward them to you along with another surprise!

Monday, November 13, 2006

I love these eyes! This one was done with my Soft Indoor light action.


Just wanted to share some quick photos! Love this little guy and got his cute outfit at Old Navy's sale this last week. The hat was only .98 and the matching shirt was 2.00! All of these were proofed with my action set. I'm glad I got a quick fall session in, fall is so short where we live! It's already snowed here, wish the season lasted a little longer! The frame on the second to last photo is from digitalscrapbookmemories.com.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Here's the whole set, just ran my actions on the original. Click on the big action set to see them up close. These actions work in both Photoshop and Elements.

The price for the whole set of proofing actions is $25.00 via PayPal to mindy@mstar2.net.

Proofing Set includes:
-Vibrant color (with additional stops to add even more color)
-Black and White (with two stops, one for more contrast and one for slight brown tone.)
-Warming Action (To use over top of the Vibrant color action or over the BW action)
-Cooling Action (To use over Vibrant color/Bw)
-Soft indoor color light (1 additional color enhancing stop)
-Unsharpen mask
-Light BW
-Quick color pop
-Vintage color action
-Set of borders for internet posting
-Set of sharpening actions (Portrait, High ISO etc.) and Defog.
Purchase Vibrant Color for Photoshop

Purchase Vibrant Color for PSE

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Soft indoor light action with warming

This is my soft indoor light action with the color warming action over top. I probably should have stopped taking her picture at this point, but now that I have this photo, I'm glad I didn't. Just now proofing some of my older photos. She's getting so big!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Color Warming over top of Vibrant color

Here's another one I just proofed with the vibrant color. Wanted to share, he had to be a knight again this year, very important to him. I think it's the sword and helmet that make it so cool! I also added a wee bit of the warming action as well.

And one more of my Halloween cuties using the all three color stops on the Vibrant color.

Monday, November 06, 2006

My first post

I decided to try and sell a few of my Photoshop actions I've been working on.

There are 6 actions in my set and they are all adjustable, so you can make it work for your photos. They work only for Photoshop 7 and up, I'm going to look into doing something for Elements as well in the near future.

Six actions include:
Black and White
Vibrant Color (with 2 additional stops)
Warming action (Placed overtop of my vibrant color with an additional stop for BW only)
Cooling action (If you prefer a cooler look, again placed over top of vibrant color/BW)
Soft indoor color pop (Works great with natural light photos)
and a quick portrait sharpening action to play if you need it for portraits.

The Warming and cooling actions can also be used over top of the black and whites for a different look, Sepia (warming) and blue toned (Cooling).

If anyone is interested in purchasing these, you can send a PayPal payment of $25.00 to mindy@mstar2.net I'm going to be working on making more in the future as well and post more photos using the actions soon so check back! Click on photos for a bigger look.

Here's a couple examples I did with my soft indoor color pop.

My black and white action, there is some versatilty to this one. Here's an example.

Black and white with a warming.

and a more washed look, also achieved with the one action.